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GingerPatch Review

If that little fuzzy patch of red hair between her legs is exactly what gets you going, then you should not look further than GingerPatch, a website filled with dozens of these red-headed cuties who are more than willing to fuck in front of the camera.

GingerPatch Review

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Now, even though that this page is still relatively quite young and seeing as it does not have that many movies added to it, you should not worry, as the page provides you with a bunch of bonus websites, or to be more specific, there are 26 such websites. But hey, even the content of GingerPatch on its own won’t leave you limp and bored.


Now, even though redheads are the most important thing about GingerPatch, you don’t have to specifically get off to them in order to properly enjoy the website, seeing as the bodies these girls have are absolutely stunning, and let’s not even get started on their amazing hip movements and the way they suck dick and the way they ride dick. Don’t worry. Their bodies have been recorded in HD, so you’ll get to see every little spot on their skin, should you desire to do so. The movies of GingerPatch may be streamed at four different speeds, but the highest one is 720p. Now, if you don’t know which resolution is the best one for you, then the website can decide for you, seeing as there is an auto-detect function on the page that will make the speed right for you. Not only are you allowed to stream the movies, but you are also allowed to download them, and there are quite a few download options for you to choose from, and the top resolution is 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. Now, you may also choose the smallest resolution which would be 240p, the most suitable resolution for mobile phones. These movies are about 30 minutes long most of the time, and their quality is just stunning, seeing as they have been recorded by dedicated professionals who make sure that you get to see the action in the best way possible. Check out some free previews at!

The GingerPatch galleries are filled with a bunch of enticing pictures, or to be more exact, around 150 of them, and it is quite important to mention that this number is ever-growing, seeing as the gents at GingerPatch are keeping themselves quite busy. Furthermore, you won’t be able to open these pictures once you download them unless you have some software that can open .zip files such as 7zip.


Now, seeing that the design of the page is great, the only logical conclusion that could follow this previous claim is: “This page is quite easy to navigate!” Not only is the page made so that you can get to your porn as quickly as possible, but you may even check the names of every single porn star on the page, both male and female, which is quite nice.


So, there are 26 other websites other than GingerPatch on the TeamSkeet network, so make sure to check them out once you get your GingerPatch password.


GingerPatch is indeed a great little website, even though it does not have a whole lot of content yet. Soon enough, this page will grow, though, so buckle up and prepare yourself for the best ginger porn you’ve ever seen.

Bonus Sites

The following bonus sites are included with your membership to GingerPatch. When you signup to any of these sites, you get instant free access to their entire network of 32 sites.