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Dad Crush Review

Taking the step-sex niche to a different level, Dadcrush brings you new and exclusive’step-daughter seduces step-dad’ content that is filmed entirely form your perspective, You place yourself in the place of this studly step-dad as a secession of hot and young, 18 + adolescent and 20s babes get to grips with first time sex. Your locate HD movies, good spans, together with screen caps and galleries and high quality downloadable content.

Dad Crush Review

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I’m not exactly sure when the step-sex fad began, but it wasn’t long ago and here we’ve got another brand new site that’s taking hold of the subject and, this time, providing it a shakeup. Dadcrush is a standalone website that’s only just started to so it’s good to be in there right at the beginning to see how they will deal with this popular, near-taboo theme. In the tour you may observe that the women are going to be hot and youthful, the hardcore will be banging and the caliber will be good.

You sign-up and slide in a and find, up to now, 1 page of articles. It’s all there: streams, videos, downloads, screen caps, galleries and interactive options, all laid out down the page with big sample shots to show you the most important woman in every scene. The women are great looking porn babes, playing with the pieces of their younger step-daughters and there is a nice blend . You will find stories to these pictures, at leastthere are seductions and, being the filming in POV, it makes you feel like you’re there right from the start.

These girls only want what they can’t have – just a few can’t haves turn out to be may haves, such as their measure dad’s hard cock! These women tease and taunt their method of having every one of their tight holes filled with their step daddy’s hard thrusting dick and will not be satisfied until they are petite little bodies are covered in his hot manly cum! The website isn’t big but with routine updates it ought to be a much better deal in the near future.


It’s simple to access this information once you are signed up and through an ad page (click to continue through) and the webpage is, up to now, also the articles page. Everything needed to view and revel in each movie is on the one page: stream, three download options, trailer, screencaps and galleries. Simply click to start the stream and it appears again with a comments box below. Everything is Mp4 here along with the flow screen was 960 x 540, with just the one mid-range resolution version to run, but the image was sharp and full screen was fine.

The galleries have been reached from precisely the same page and have large number of good quality pics in every single and zip files for simple downloading, in addition, there are collections of display caps to show you through the action and images arrive in an online viewer that is easy to navigate. Again, the quality is great.


You are ready to rate, comment and add items to a favourites area, but there are no extras here and no model index. I guess that, and also the simple fact that the site is new, growing and small, is the reason why they have the cost right down for the time being . I would get in there today and save some serious money, catch one of the two discounts and, if you pick the yearly bargain, you are just paying $5.00 per month (in a single 12-month installment). Just look out for the cross sale on the join page as you go through.

There is not a model indicator, so you don’t find much info on these, but I can tell you you’ll see blondes, redheads and brunettes. The versions are white for the most part, but you’ll see at least one Asian babe and a few Latinas in the mix.


Little but becoming larger, higher quality and shooting step-sex filmed from your point of view (as the dad) as its subject, Dadcrush is all about sexy young step-daughters getting their wicked way with their step-dads, and it works. High quality, looking good, HD, streams, cellular formats, downloads, and it’s got everything but extras, and will be a winner.

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