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Daughter Swap Review

A daddy needs his daughter’s first time to be special and he understands most men are horny. This reality porn site finds him resolve his problem by minding his daughter with another daddy’s. The other dad does his little princess just while he shoots his own wad about the apple of another guy’s eye. The videos are in Full HD and the site continues to grow.

Daughter Swap Review

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Now I really don’t have a daughter, but if I did, I’d most certainly need to educate daddy’s girl that”sharing is caring” and other similarly important things. And also a valuable lesson about sharing is exactly what the fathers and a couple of mothers are instructing their darling princesses on Daughter Swap. It’s quite touching to observe daughters learning life lessons.

The dreams involve thoughtful fathers who want their daughter’s first time to be special swapping petite step-daughters with their great buddies. Both studs go to pound the women’ virgin pussies side by side in kinky foursomes where each pair remains firmly to itself (though the women do want to mix it up( also ).

These men would be the proud fathers of beautiful women who’ve been raised right and understand that sharing is caring and to be respectful of the elders. Nevertheless, the miniature sweeties haven’t learned a much more important lesson: how to shoot a big cock in their tight, inexperienced pussies. At Daughter Swap, the doting dads find just the ideal man to teach their cherished women that lesson.

But it’s a fantasy, after all, and I’d be lying if the taboo nature of this hookups here did not amplify the encounter by a factor of ten.

Layla London and Nicole Bexley get naked and suck on each others’ dads’ cocks before heading off to finish in solitude away from each other. When the women start to push down their pants and grind their bare buttocks into their best friends’ dad’s cock, the elderly men realize what the adolescents desire, and gently slip their big dicks to the tight pussies already moist and ready for them, right there on the bed together!


Each scene also has a set of screen caps with around 250 pics every at 900 x 506 and a pair of digital stills with approximately 200 pics in 1,350 x 900. You’re able to see both sets on the internet, clicking one at a time, but to save the electronic ones you will need to use the zip file . These are not huge files, around 80 Mbs and come nice and fast. You can then save the ones you need and discard the rest. It’s all easy to do and there are not any hassles getting to the images or rescue them.

You will find only 60 movies so much as the site is new, but updates are happening and it’s all exclusive. There are three Mp4 downloads per scene but only 1 flow; a great one but it is going to suit faster connections. Scenes come with approximately 200 digital pics and 250 screen caps to shoot in zip files but you could also browse online.

“Touching” not just describes how these scenes will pull at your heartstrings, but also how they might motivate you to wind up and to pull on the strings of a different organ. All things considered, teenagers having sex with mature fans is sexy. Often you’ll see one father doing another’s girl in one scene, while the other pop does the other daughter in a separate scene. The lesbian scene with mothers monitoring daughters is excellent, too.

I would like to give kudos to the casting director and makeup artist. You’ve got match-ups here which could convincingly pass for real parent-progeny pairings, and it will be a feat when you consider that some of the dads appear in more than one scene, so they’ve managed to find more than 1 woman to play the part of your daughter.


The layout is pretty basic and you do not have that many surfing tools. You can give a thumbs up or down, post a comment, monitor your favorites and type the content. But, there’s no search engine and you won’t find articles or performer tags – that they do at least mention the titles of the girls in the scene, though.

There are no other bonus websites or extras included, unfortunately, so the very taboo and original theme of the website in hand with its adorable women and sexy hardcore action will have to be sufficient to earn pass worthwhile for you.


Daughter Swap is probably among the most taboo sites I have seen and porn and its scenes are very exciting and very hot. With a fantastic cast of petite porn star women and decent quantity of work put into making the situations sense’real’ (albeit ridiculous) the scenes here are really something special. However, the site is little, updates gradually, and doesn’t have extras. I think there’s still very good value in a pass here, though.

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